About Us

About Us

First of all Welcome to Hindiganga.com

Hindiganga name is made from two words the one is Hindi and the second is ganga.

So, Hindi is a language mostly spoken in india and hindi is also national language of india. Ganga is the name of holy river in india.

So, the name hindiganga means the holy river of hindi language where we are posting everything in hindi. Maybe sometimes the we use english words which are hard to convert and understand in hindi.

The language of this website is Hinglish, means the language is hindi but written in english.

So, lets move ahead.

I have another blog in english which is earnonblog.com but mostly indian and our regional people coudn’t understand english. so, i started this blog in hindi.

From hindiganga.com you can learn

  • Blog kaise saru karte hai
  • Blog mese paisa kaise kamaye
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Technology
  • News and much more
  • Email marketing
  • WordPress Tutorials

So, be connected and  give us a suggestion if you have any from our contact us page.

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You can visit our youtube channel to know more in hindi. After all everything you can learn here in hindi.

However if you coudn’t understand anything than you can comment in any article, we are trying our best to respond you.

Because of we have found many people in india have a lot’s of knowledge about perticular niche so, they can write a blog on it but they can’t because of lake of blogging idea.

So, i have started this blog for all indians and hindi speaking people who can understand hindi and can start their own blog and make money online.